have u ever quoted spongebob to someone and they didnt get it and they just looked at u and u felt like everything was pointless


you’re not ready to watch this video

growingdabs asked:
Even the pillows seem to be in the shape of the mech arm just slightly changed to fit his pillowy dillusion

Yeahh I agree, it was basically the bionic arm too. Just a matter of how the flower matters I guess!

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thatnerdyboy asked:
i swear if they dont start of the next episode with jake reminding finn to water his arm i will be very disapointed

doyoueventardis asked:
What if Finn and Jake return to the candy kingdom and bubblegum sees Finn missing an arm so she does scientific stuff to give a awesome candy arm?! It can like change shape and other cool things!

I think things have been hinting more towards her giving him a bionic arm. Shoko and all of his AU/future selves all seem to have one (except for Puhoy’s which I think is made of pillows). My original theory was that Rattleballs would be a factor in getting his robo-arm.

The flower implies that his arm is going to be grass-like though… I guess we’ll find out soon! They pretty much have to address it in the next ep right?

Anonymous asked:
Sorry to ask, but what happened to Rebecca Sugar?

She’s writing for Steven Universe now!




i’m sorry has this been done before?


my hand slipped

The thrilling continuation.

tornadoowl asked:
I have a question regarding the whole arm situation. What about Fiona and cake? I don't know (of the top of my head) when they were last featured, and I guess technically they aren't REAL (at least not in the way that, say, Shoko is) but they're bound to show up again, right? How do you think she'll lose her arm, if at all? Sorry if anything I say is out of date, I haven't been able to keep up for a while…but thanks for you're attention!

No worries! I would think since Fionna and Cake are only part of Ice King’s fantasy world, she wouldn’t necessarily have to lose her arm as well. She’s not really an alternate time line or universe Finn in the canonical(?) sense. I could imagine if/when Ice King hears about Finn’s arm he could write something about it…?

Story line aside, Rebecca Sugar always wrote for the F&C episodes, and now that she’s gone I’m not sure how many more of those (if any) we’re going to have. I haven’t heard anything about bringing them back, but I could be wrong!

nitroglyde asked:
Just wanted to say you have a cool blog, you follow a lot of cool stuff. Also, did you notice that in the title card for "Escape from the Citadel", one of the flowers in the bottom right looks like a hand?

Mmmmaybe? I’m not sure if that was intentional… unless I’m looking at the wrong flower?

And thanks dude! :D

At the end when Martinn is going through the void does he say “What about him” or “What about air”?