Anonymous asked:
Happy Birthday

Thanks anon! :)

cherrybaths asked:
happy, happy birthday!!! i hope that you are having a wonderful day & i hope that it continues that way! :)))

Thank you!! :) It’s been a pretty good day so far!

Merengue would be the one to make that cake ♥

hoennmon asked:
Oh, happy birthday!!

Thank you!! :D

tsuinmorudo asked:
Happy birthday, Raba! :D Hope it's a spiffy one.

The spiffiest :) Thanks dude!

dragonattacker asked:
I was just planning to just say happy birthday but I see we share some fandoms so I followed you too! So happy birthday! :D

Haha sweet! :D Thanks man!

dalek-radio asked:
happy birtday have a great day !

Thank you mr. robot eating a hot dog :)



go away, golbat! it’s a secret!


benedictsbum replied to your post: benedictsbum asked:youtube[.]com/…

youtube “happy birthday emily” and watch the first video that comes up it’s so bad holy shit

oh good lord

*saves for later*

revolver-levi asked:
Happy Birthday!

Thanks dude!!